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Insolvency Act cover for landlord property transfers


1st April will see the final phase of tax changes being introduced under Section 24 of the Finance Act 2015. Often referred to as the ‘Tenant Tax’, it means higher taxes for private landlords unless they implement some tax-planning to help lessen the blow, such as transferring their property ownership.

Our insolvency act cover offers protection to lenders if a client has opted to transfer their property either:

  • to a registered company set-up specifically to manage their buy-to-let portfolio or
  • to their spouse or partner if they’re in a lower tax bracket

…and is then declared bankrupt in the following five years with the property re-claimed under the Insolvency Act to help repay the landlord’s creditors.

To get a quote, select the ‘Insolvency Act’ risk type and then the ‘New (or existing) Transfer’ policy.