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Lower premiums for Search delay indemnity policies

Lower premiums for Search delay indemnity policies

After seeing a significant increase in demand for cover as local authorities struggle to keep up with search enquiries, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve lowered our premiums for our Search delay policies.

Our Search delay policy will cover your client and their lender against any adverse entries revealed by a delayed search which were otherwise unknown. Now we can help keep your transactions moving and protect your clients for less.

One homebuyer recently found this protection invaluable when a delayed search revealed a previously unknown £10,000 charge on their purchased property for a disability grant. The Council confirmed that the charge was repayable, and our Search delay policy covered our insured for the full cost, all for a premium of just £28.

So if a search is holding up one of your transactions, why not get a quote for a Search delay policy from Elite today?