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Announcing our new lack of rights to overhang policy


In response to increasing demand, we’re pleased to announce that we have just added a new Overhang Rights policy to our already impressive range of legal indemnity products.

It’s not unusual for part of a building to ‘overhang’ an adjoining property, typically their garden. This can be something small, like the guttering, eaves or facias, or something bigger, like a balcony.

If a property does not have the required legal rights to ‘overhang’ next door, our Overhang Rights policy is an alternative to approaching the adjoining owners, to cover the buyers and their lenders against any future action that may be taken against them.

In the event of a claim, our policy covers the costs of obtaining the necessary rights, or having to comply with any injunction; and any subsequent reduction in market value if the overhang is removed.

Premiums start at just £50 for a limit of indemnity of £60,000. For a quote, simply select the Absence of Easement or ‘Defective Title (generic)’ risk type, followed by the ‘Overhang rights’ policy option.