Judicial Review legal indemnity news

Below you’ll find articles or communications we’ve issued over the last couple of years which are related to our Judicial Review indemnities.

Winter 2020 - We’ve reviewed our judicial review
Insurance matters Winter 2020 - We’ve reviewed our judicial review
We’re pleased to tell you that our judicial review cover now includes delay costs as standard, for no additional premium. In other words, specific costs arising in the event of a judge awarding an interim injunction that delays works on-site.
Judicial Review
Eshot - Judicial Review
We offer a specific Judicial Review indemnity policy which protects developers and their lender against the serious financial losses that can be suffered if a successful application for judicial review is made. Cover can also be extended to include costs incurred through delays in construction.
Winter 2014 - J is for Judicial review
Intouch Winter 2014 - J is for Judicial review
In the great Morecambe & Wise piano concerto sketch, Eric Morecambe famously tells conductor André Previn (or Mr Preview, as he called him) that he's "playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order."
Summer 2014 - Thanks...for nothing!
Intouch Summer 2014 - Thanks...for nothing!
The changes to the judicial review system were meant to make things fairer for developers, but the reality is that little has changed.