Product articles

Below you’ll find articles or communications we’ve issued which are related to our Outstanding Charge(s) indemnities.

Spring 2019 - Product news
Intouch Spring 2019 - Product news
We’ve recently introduced some improvements to existing cover as well as some new products as a result of feedback from solicitors.

Eshot - Rentcharge
Homebuyers, conveyancers and lenders might be tempted to ignore a rentcharge on a freehold property title. But a recent court case has demonstrated how a rentowner managed to turn rentcharge arrears as low as £6 into a demand for £650.
Spring 2017 - Mountains from molehills
Intouch Spring 2017 - Mountains from molehills
A recent court case reveals how something as seemingly trivial as a rentcharge can be turned into a big headache for homeowners.
Spring 2017 - Going the extra mile
Intouch Spring 2017 - Going the extra mile
The issue of rentcharges, featured in our article Mountains from molehills, was also the subject of a recent claim.