Summer 2022

In this edition we take a look at the changing attitude to Japanese knotweed, and share some insight into the issues that face renewable energy developments as well as the policies we provide that can help. We also introduce our commercially-focused team along with some of the specialist policies that larger developments can benefit from, and announce a new lack of vehicle crossover consent policy.

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Untangling a knotty issue

Everyone enjoys seeing the first signs of spring, but the growing season also causes less welcome plant life to wake up. And as sure as summer follows spring, the problem of Japanese knotweed reappears every year.

‘Lack of vehicle crossover consent’ policy

We are pleased to announce a new policy, developed to assist when access to an existing residential property benefits from a dropped kerb, or ‘vehicle crossover’ constructed over an adopted pavement or verge, but with no formal consent from the local authority.

Specialist cover and a specialist team

When you’ve got a complex title situation on a large, complex commercial property transaction or development site project, you want to know you’re dealing with real experts, with the right policies.

Greener thinking

As global events and government commitments to reduce carbon emissions demand further and faster growth, an increasing number of developers and funders are looking to get involved in renewable development projects.