Direct access to the decision makers

If you want a quote from the UK’s number one legal indemnity provider, you’ll need to contact us directly.

At Countrywide we’ve made a decision not to deal with brokers and what’s more, we’ll never appear on any comparison site.

We have always felt that our core customers are solicitors and to reinforce our commitment to you, we feel that the time is right to focus our resources on providing our unbeatable service solely to conveyancing professionals.

We know that firms go about obtaining cover in a number of ways. Some regularly deal with a favoured provider; others opt to contact several different insurers, while there are those that outsource the process of arranging insurance to brokers.

Whatever approach your firm takes, there’s just one thing to remember - to get a quote from the UK’s number one supplier of legal indemnities, you need to contact Countrywide directly. You can:

  • call us on 01603 617617 and speak directly to a specialist underwriter
  • email and receive a quote within an hour
  • go online with Elite, and experience the quickest, slickest quotation system in the market

Countrywide. Direct dealing, straight talking.